Why were Bryce Harper, Rory McIlroy and Joe Namath in Palm Springs?

Joe Namath chats with G-Star students. (Contributed)

PALM SPRINGS — What do NFL Hall of Fame quarterback — and Tequesta resident — Joe Namath, major league baseball stud Bryce Harper and golfers Michelle Wie and Rory McIlroy have in common?

Besides having more money than, us, all recently appeared in major commercials at G-Stars Studios owned by G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts.

The hosts of “What Kids Wanna Know,” where students ask questions of celebrities, interviewed Namath during a┬ánational commercial for a new program at a major hospital.

Bryce Harper

Wie and McIlroy filmed separate Nike commercials one week, while Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton and Los Angels’ Mike Trout taped a spot with ginormous chain retailer the following week.

Under Armour shot an ad with Harper, star right-fielder for the Washington Nationals.

“There is no other high school or college or film school anywhere that offers these opportunities to its students like G-Star,” said Greg Hauptner, G-Star’s founder and CEO.



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