Lake Worth will boot your car if you have at least 3 unpaid tickets

LAKE WORTH — If you have three or more unpaid parking citations, don’t be surprised if you find a boot slapped on your vehicle.

By a 4-1 vote, City Commissioners tonight on first reading approved amending a traffic ordinance that will give parking enforcement officers, code enforcement officers and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office the ability to put a boot or tow a vehicle off city property that has three or more unpaid tickets that are at least more than 15 days old.

Commissioner Omari Hardy was opposed, saying he was concerned that the amendment could pose a financial hardship for the city’s poorest residents.

“I understand we have a problem and it’s not that I don’t want to solve it,” Hardy said. “I just wish we could have a process for people for whom this will be a serious issue.”

Larry Lightfoot, the city’s parking operations manager, said there are more than 100 vehicles in Lake Worth which have three or more unpaid citations. Some of those vehicle owners owe the city more than $5,000, Lightfoot said.

“People blatantly violate the law,” he said. “This (amendment) is needed in our toolbox.”

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