‘This is what Lake Worth is about’

The Son family, whose home was recently robbed, was given a $3,500 check from Mark Parilla-Focarile (wearing tie), president of the Genesis Neighborhood Association at Tuesday’s City Commission meeting.

LAKE WORTH — Good things, it’s been said, come to those who wait.

The Son family, originally from Guatemala, knows that adage all too well.

In February, their South D Street home — the first they ever bought in the United States – was burglarized. The thief got away with a tablet, jewelry, two computers, clothes and money stashed in a piggy bank.

The family, who just moved to Lake Worth from Delray Beach, was heartbroken. But Wendy Chay Son, 8, wrote a heartwarming letter to the crook, imploring him or her to “just be nice.” She taped the letter to her window.

Not surprisingly, Lake Worth residents reached out to help by donating money to a gofundme page organized by Mark Parilla-Focarile, president of the Genesis Neighborhood Association.

The goal was to raise $3,500. But in Lake Worth style, that was surpassed with $4,405 raised, Parilla-Focarile told city commissioners at tonight’s meeting.

“This,” Parilla-Focarile said, “is what Lake Worth is about and it’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with the city. ”

An oversized check was presented to the Son family: mom, Albertina, dad, Jose, Wendy and Jennifer, the latest family addition, born last week.

The Sons could have been given an additional $532, Parilla-Focarile said, but Jose insisted the money be donated to Genesis to help another needy family. Jose only wanted the amount money it would take to replace the items that were stolen.

“Do you wonder why Wendy has the kind of values she has,” Parilla-Focarile said.

No, you don’t.



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