Family of Lake Worth girl who wrote letter to thief to get $3,500

Wendy Chay Son, 8, wrote a heartwarming letter to the thief who robbed her home in February. (Damon Higgins/The Palm Beach Post)

LAKE WORTH — The parents of Wendy Chay Son at tonight’s City Commission meeting are scheduled to receive a $3,500 check from a gofundme campaign, money raised after a bandit broke into their South D Street home in February, stealing two computers, two tablets, jewelry and money stashed in a piggbank.

Instead of being angry, Wendy, an 8-year-old Barton School Elementary School second-grader, wrote a letter to the thief, asking the person to “just be nice.” She taped the letter to the window in hopes the burglar would see it.

“We are sad that you have been steeling (sic) in this house. You are not the only one that has feelings We all do,” the letter said.

In the margins of her letter, which Wendy said took about five minutes to write, she added, “I hope you will change and be good. God will forgive you.”

Wendy said she wrote the letter hoping it could help the person who robbed her house change his or her ways.

“I want them to stop stealing,” Wendy said. “What if they hurt somebody?”

Last month Wendy read the letter at a candidate forum hosted by the Genesis Neighborhood Association.

The check will be presented by Mark Parilla-Focarile, the association president.

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