Lake Worth expecting flooding, power outages from Hurricane Matthew


LAKE WORTH — Echoing Gov. Rick Scott’s comments, Lake Worth City Manager Micheal Bornstein said the city is bracing for the worst from Hurricane Matthew.

“The governor said we’re going to lose power on the whole eastern seaboard of the state of Florida,” Bornstein said. “That’s a reasonable expectation. People’s power will go out.”

But unlike previous hurricanes when some residents were without power in Lake Worth for weeks, Bornstein said that won’t happen this time.

“In the Frances, Jeanne and Wilma days, we got a black eye, but we’re such a different operation ┬ánow,” Bornstein said.

The city is expecting a lot of wind damage as well.

“There are older structures here and, of course, we love our trees,” Bornstein said. “I was kind of disappointed driving around this morning even though we told people we weren’t picking up garbage today, I saw a lot of stuff. Matthew will pick it up for them. The loose stuff is going to end up flying all over the place and that’s unfortunate.”

Flooding will also be an issue, Bornstein said, especially near the bridge, by the golf course and Bryant Park.



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