Lake Worth hiring five PBSO deputies to help combat heroin epidemic

PBSO logoLAKE WORTH —┬áThe city will soon have more Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies on the streets.

After Oct. 1, the city is expected to hire five deputies at a cost of $125,000 per deputy, according to City Manager Michael Bornstein.

“We needed more boots on the ground,” Bornsetin said. “We recognize we have issues (the heroin epidemic) we need to get ahead of.”

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The move is part of the $172 million operating budget City Commissioners unanimously passed on first reading Tuesday.

Bornstein said the costs for the deputies will be spread out through three funds — the beach fund, the general fund and the utilities fund.

Two deputies will be assigned to the beach, the casino, Bryant Park and Snook Islands, Bornstein said.

“We’re seeing a big problem at the beach with alcohol,” he said.

Two deputies will also be assigned to night patrol and one to downtown, Bornstein said.

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