Will Lake Worth’s Gulfstream Hotel project see another delay?



LAKE WORTH — Not so fast on the start of that $70 million Gulfstream Hotel renovation project.

After the city last month prevailed in a lawsuit filed by three residents over building heights, City Attorney Glen Torcivia told The Palm Beach Post after tonight’s special City Commission meeting that an appeal was filed Monday.

“I’m disappointed,” Torcivia said. “It seems to be another delaying tactic….but they have the right to appeal.”

Torcivia informed city commissioners immediately after the 25-minute meeting. Mayor Pam Triolo was overheard saying, “Are you serious?”

The original suit, filed by former Commissioner Jo-Ann Golden and two others, was unanimously dismissed by a three-judge panel on Aug. 11, seemingly clearing the way for the long-discussed makeover of the historic hotel, built in 1925, to begin soon.

Now, that’s not certain, Torcivia said.

“It could be three to five more months before this is resolved,” Torcivia said.

Hudson Holdings, the Delray Beach developer working on the project, said the company was set to file permits to demolish two structures on the site. The project was going to be done in two phases, with the first slated to start in about four months, Steven Michael, Hudson Holdings co-owner, told The Palm Beach Post last month.

The city spent $11,000 defending the first lawsuit, Torcivia said. It could spend an another $5,000 on an appeal, he added.

“I think people want the city to move forward and this is just another delaying tactic” Torcivia said.


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