Lake Worth’s Domino Park to get $30,000 worth of improvements

Playing dominoes, Maximo Gomez Park, Miami, Florida, United States of America, North America

LAKE WORTH — The city has reached an agreement with Palm Beach County to make more than $34,000 in improvements to Domino Park on South G Street between South 8th and South 9th avenues.

Proposed improvements include clearing the site, installing a concrete slab, buying or making an open pavilion and landscaping.

The City Commission at Tuesday’s meeting unanimously approved the agreement.

The money for the work came from a Community Development Block Grant that was leftover from the recently completed right-of-way improvements on 10th Avenue South, 9th Avenue South and 5th Avenue North.

Typically the county gets what money is leftover after a project is finished, but the city asked if it could use the remaining funds for park improvements. The park is used by residents as an informal place to play checkers and dominoes on makeshift tables and chairs.